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This page illustrates the creation of a major sculpture in stages

spathe 001

The rough stone is squared at the base to stand upright

spathe 007_edited

Rough shaping of the stone with diamond stone saw

spathe 008_edited_edited

further refinement of the shape with angle grinder and chisel work

spathe 012

shaping begins on all planes

spathe 009_edited

finished shape begins to emerge

spathe 011

stone removal progresses to rough grinding stage

spathe 029_edited

The shape is further refined with diamond grinding wheels

spathe 020

Rough sanding begins to smooth the surface and remove grinding marks

spathe 025_edited

Sanding progresses to finer grits

Spathe 044_edited

A clay maquette is fabricated to the dimensions of the final figure and is carefully shaped to fit the stone

Spathe 046

Rough cutting of the marble stone to the dimensions of the clay model

Spathe 052_edited

The stone girl is shaped and formed at the base to fit the stone

spathe 057

Final shaping and sanding of the stone girl. A hole is drilled in the base of the girl and the stone to dry fit a stainless steel pin to anchor the two stones together

spathe 033_edited

Final polishing of the brucite stone

Arianna S1

The pieces are pinned and glued together and the sculpture gets a final finishing and photography session

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